Wednesday, February 3, 2010

After Orgasm:

I have not had an orgasm via masterbation since the CB-6000s showed up.  It has been over a month.  Since then, I have had three orgasms.  All at my wife's choosing and by her touch.  Last night was my third.  As my pattern previously was to follow-up after with several unauthorized ones the next day, today I am horny, but wearing the CB-6000s.  I think to be safe, I will walk my keys out of the house, down the street and go get them when I am ready to take it off at the end of the day.  Since I am extra horny, it is a safe way I could make it through the day.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

End of Trial:

Today, I have planned to do some splitting of fire wood with my splitting maul. I know from last time this activity is beyond the limits of the CB-6000s. As such, I did not walk my keys to the end of the street, but did put on my CB-6000s until I begin splitting wood this afternoon. I have some chores to complete first.

I have been considering, and I think I am now at the point where there is really no trial left for me to wear the CB-6000s through to see how it goes. I have been out about town, in front of friends and neighbors, at a job interview, around kids, doing chores. I have the hygiene pattern down and find going to the bathroom routine. I am no longer being pinched, and can easily put it on. It is comfortable, and I do not see the need to put it to the test any longer. I will simply be using it to maintain my chastity commitments.

The one test left is to wear it while sleeping. This will have to wait until an out-of-town trip or if my wife ever accepts it's use. Until then, I am extremely pleased with the CB-6000s.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Keys out of the House:

Last night about 5:00am, my wife prompted me to go down on her.  She had a really big orgasm, after a long time of me giving her oral.  I was not given an orgasm and today I am horny.  After I dropped my son off at daycare, I walked my keys down to the end of the street and found a place to leave them for the day.  Now I am safe spending the day home alone with my CB-6000s and no danger of breaking my chastity commitment.

thx cb6ks.


Monday, January 25, 2010

End of Monday:

It was a very busy day. I had my job interview, ran several errands, and did several chores. I was horny often and kept my CB-6000-s on the whole day. No one gave any sign of noticing. Tomorrow, I think I will get the keys out of the house after I put it on again. Last time, I walked them down the street and left them under a rock at the base of a tree. I think I will put them in the same place tomorrow morning after I put it on. That will ensure my chastity commitment is maintained through the day.

After the Weekend:

I was really horny this weekend, but since my wife was around most of the time, I did not have a chance to use the CB-6000-s. On Sunday, she was out most of the day. I really wanted to put it on, but I had no way of knowing when she was going to be coming back and had to just sweat it out. No too fun.

This morning, after my wife left for work, I put it on almost immediately. I am really not trusting myself today. For one, I am over a week without an orgasm. Secondly, last night I gave my wife a pretty big orgasm via oral. I did not get an orgasm after. The time I spent slowly giving her the orgasm is still fresh in my memory, leading me to be aroused often. I am so thankful for the CB-6k-s today.

I have a job interview at 11:00am. I am wearing briefs under boxers. The lock is not making any sound and there is really no noticeable bulge. It is my plan to stay locked all day again.

I ran out of the free Eros silicon lube that comes with the CB-6000-s package. I tried some KY on Friday, but it didn’t last very long. I have heard a good alternative is platinum wet, or just simply Vaseline Intensive Care. I used the Vaseline Intensive Care today and will see how that goes.

Friday, January 22, 2010

End of 2nd Week

I have made it to Friday of my 2nd week of routine use of the CB-6K-s. I have not had an orgasm during this time, except by my wife's hand, and they were explosive. Each time it was after I gave her an orgasm via oral. Our pattern is I need to continually entice her and when she lets me proceed, it leads to her getting an orgasm via me giving her oral and when she says she is done, she lets me lie next to her and she gives me mine using her hand.

The fact that it has been two weeks w/o me masturbating is credit to the CB-6k-s. I know I would of a few times in there, but I have not. My chastity commitment is in tact.


Today, I put it on first thing.  I have no plans for any heavy lifting, but my eldest son is coming home after a 1/2 day at school.  I will probally take it off before his bus arrives.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Physical Labor Follow-Up:

This morning I put on my CB-6K-s as I have grown accustom, just after my wife left for work. I knew I was going to gather fire wood again, but wanted to give it a second shot. Plus, today I was not gathering the gigantic logs that I was yesterday. I had a debris pile with smaller pieces where I was going to gather today. There were really no problems. It was only when I got home and decided to split some of the humungous logs from yesterday that I had to remove the CB-6K-s. The lifting very heavy bulk and swinging a splitting maul just are beyond the CB-6K-s to offer a solution.

I think I can follow-up by saying if you are a tradesmen, then okay. If you are a mover, forget it, at least not during your work day.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Well the physical labor test is over. I do not see how if your gig is to lift heavy things during your work day, you could wear a CB. I was lifting heavy pieces of lumber and using a chain saw. I kinda was okay, but when I started to use a splitting maul for splitting down my pieces for firewood, there was just no way. Good news is, my daily grind is typically desk job.

Physical Labor:

Today, I have already put on my CB-6K-s. I have plans to do fire wood gathering. It is something I routinely do, but today is the first time while wearing the CB-6K-s. It is pretty strenuous, as I carry heavy pieces of wood, and work with a chain saw. I will post at the end of the day to describe how it went.

Monday, January 18, 2010

MLK Jr. Day Follow-Up:

Well, it is an hour to go.  I have had up to seven children around, talked to three neighbors in casual conversation, and not once did anyone give any hint of noticing.  The CB-6000-s is just so discrete.

Also, sitting here at the tail end of the day made me realized.  Since the UPS guy dropped off my CB-6000-s, I have had two orgasms.  Neither have been by my touch.  Both were from my wife after I satisfied her first.  This is just such a dramatic lifestyle change and I love it.